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Testimonials title
We at A Perfect Setting work to create the "WOW" factor for each and every event. Sira's talent, beauty and ability to captivate any audience does just that. She dances with such grace, fluidity and style our clients rave about her long after the event. She far exceeds our expectations every time we hire her. She is absolutely amazing. When it comes to entertainment, Sira is the one to hire. You wont be disappointed we promise!
Tamieka L. Jones
Professional Bridal ConsultantTM/Event Planner
A Perfect Setting Wedding and Events, Inc.

Article written by Sarah Skinner
"Sira's performance was evocative and full of joy. The color of her hot pink costume vibrated almost as much as her perfect shimmies. Her sword balancing and playfulness delighted the crowd. By the end of the show everybody was dancing!"

Personal testimonials:

(from Deer Lodge celebration of Egypt)
Dearest Sira,
I want you to know that yours was an exquisite contribution to the Concert in Honor of Egypt. Each of the three dances were just what my mind imagined and wished for. You had a real aura around you and that spirit, the beauty of it reached every soul that beheld you. Thank you very much for your grace and warmth. All who saw you were inspired.
Florence Bocarius

(Sweet 16)
Dear Sira,
Thanks so much for coming . You were a big hit , and I think wonderfully inspiring, powerful and magical
for the girls, the boys , and myself to see. The one boy who seemed to "know what he was doing ",
apparently recently emmigrated from Tajikistan and is brand new to our school. He had been kind of sitting in a corner until you showed up. So you certainly made him feel better! It would be hard to top the special appearance you made for us, but I would love to see more.
Liz N.

Dear Sira,
Thank you very much for making our wedding day unforgettable not just for us, but also for our guests. We both enjoyed your incredible talent connecting mind, body, and heart in such harmony. It was an incredible dance.
Nursel & Bruce K.