Sira is a highly acclaimed professional dancer, instructor and choreographer based in New York City.  She adds passion, joy and elegance to weddings, galas, cultural events and theaters with a natural ability to captivate audiences.

Sira’s love of Middle Eastern music and dance is rooted in her Armenian heritage. She was first exposed to belly dance at a young age, sparking a lifelong love for the dance. Since then, her professional training has led to an active career bellydancing throughout New York, the tri-state area and internationally for theatrical shows, private parties as well as high profile events. Her years of experience, dedication to the art of dance and her unique style have earned her the reputation of being one of the most popular belly dancers today.

Sira is available for solo, duet and group performances at weddings, corporate events, birthdays and other celebratory occasions. Click here for a quote.


Nile Rodgers and Sira
Nile Rodgers and Sira

Film/TV Experience

Sira has appeared on the Dr Oz show, The Colbert Report, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, MTV as well as Good Morning America, Good Day New York, and Channel 11 News.  Film experience includes Sex and the City 2. Sira is also featured in DVD’s “Belly Dance Stars”, “The Way to   Belly Dance” and “Fantasy Bellydance: Cult of Myth”.



Billy Jo Armstrong Green Day and Sira
Billy Jo Armstrong Green Day and Sira

Notable Clients

Sira has performed exclusively for Madonna, Liam Neeson, Peter Gabriel, Wyclef Jean, rock band Green Day, Claire Danes, J Cole, Nile Rodgers, Fabio, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Pulitzer Prize winner Eddie Adams, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, hip hop/producer duo Beatnuts and famous Egyptian singer Hakim. Sira has also performed for Saudi Arabian royalty in London, England, and United Nations Embassadors. Sira collaborated and performed with popular bands such as Balkan Beat Box, Gogol Bordello and Yerba Buena.



Balkan Beat Box live music performance

Stage Experience

In addition to performing regularly at venues in New York, Sira also has enjoyed taking the art of belly dance to the theater stage. She choreographed the solo for, and has been performing the Arabian Coffee dance with Brooklyn Ballet’s Nutcracker Sweet! from 2015-present. She has also worked with the Metropolitan Opera for the production of Thais, William Peter Blatty’s stage adaptation of John Goldfarb Please Come Home! for the NY Fringe Festival, and performed as a lead dancer in Anahid Sofian’s off-Broadway productions Marrakech: Inside the Magic Circle and the Armenian dance-drama Passage through Light and Shadows: The Children of Ararat. Sira has also choreographed and performed for several Fantasy Bellydance productions and the Theatrical Bellydance Conference in NY.

Dance Education

Sira is honored to have had several esteemed mentors in the span of her dance career. She has studied with and has been a member of dance companies of the following Masters in Oriental Dance: The legendary Serena Wilson, Shoshana, Jehan, Anahid Sofian (lead soloist), Dalia Carella and Elena Lentini.

To deepen her understanding and appreciation of Middle Eastern music and culture, she studied Middle Eastern Music History and Theory at Stonybrook University

Teaching Experience

Certified by Polestar Inc in Pilates for Rehabilitation, Sira offers the added benefits of a working knowledge of anatomy and proper postural alignment necessary for dance. Sira’s teachings emphasize technique, musical expression through movement, and the fun of learning. Her bellydance classes offer a warm, friendly environment where each student receives individual caring attention during class. She has taught at Serena Studios, Jorday’s Dance studio in Queens and most recently Anahid Sofian Studios. She has taught a number of workshops in the U.S. and abroad, and is currently available for private coaching and workshops.